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About Us

Be a part of my Exciting Blog and page and get refreshed with the exclusive Contents, Concepts, Videos, Articles, Journeys, Description, Places of Visit, Art, Culture, Spiritual Touches, Vibes and Vibrations


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Who we Are?

Life’s True Koncept establishes itself based on how many Lives one has Touched in One’s own Life. In Giving lies the Real Pleasure and Flowering.  In sharing  what you know and Have Gathered lies the Real Konnect

Keep looking forward for my page everyday and share your thoughts and inputs and let’s touch each other’s lives and be Konnected for a Symbiotic Relationship towards the benefit of Human Wellbeing and Individual well-being.

Yoga-Means Union -The Universe Is In Perfect Geometry and Order, Just Align With It, No Need To Create Your Own Order Or Perfection Or Discipline Or System, Just Experience The Already Existing Geometry And Align With It Through Yoga, Rest All Will Fall In Place Automatically -: Sadhguru

Whispers From Above

Great Master's Messages & Life Turning Advises And Deep Rooted Insights and Secrets on Life. To Be and Ought To Be known Facts from The Great Enlightened Beings

Practices & Sadhana

Guided Practices For Inward Growth and Flowering, Simple and Carefully Crafted Practices From The Great Guru's.

Insights & Excerpts

Impactful Passages & Excerpt's And Narrations that are Simplified & Easily Understood

Take Charge Of Your Life, Ride Your Chariot Called "Life",
Take The Reigns Of Your Five Horses Into Your Control
(The Five Senses-Pancha Bhootha),Take Charge Of Your
Then Life Becomes Blissful & Ecstasic

Stay tuned to "KALESWARAM KONCEPTS " always

Why you need to choose Kaleswaram

A program of authentic yoga, deep rest, enhanced physical and mental well-being , Introduction to few Yogic practices and practices that turns an individual inwards, and its benefits
Daily Tips, Quotes, Articles, Knowledge Bites, ``Do you & Did you Know`` etc.. Introduction to whole lot of interesting stuff, making your morning a wonderful beginning
Begin your inward journey and deepen your existing practices and get introduced to new practises with a 20-minute simple and profound techniques from the great masters and Guru's
My Blog
This is a small effort of My Blog in this Endeavour, Looking forward for your Konnectedness and Sharing and caring and Exploring the Beautiful Gift bestowed upon us by the creator and Universe called ``LIFE``


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