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Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips

Begin your inward journey and  deepen your existing practices and get introduced to new practises  with a 20-minute simple and profound technique of great masters and Guru’s, On

  1. How to Meditate, what is meditation and how and how not to do, why and why not to do, what and what not to do ??
  2. Meditation for Sleep: How to Sleep better with Meditation, sleeping habits, and postures and rightful ways of sleeping and keeping your Antenna to universe intact(The Spine)
  3. How to reduce anger, and Anger management, and how to be concious and enhance your Conciousness.
  4. Simple and profound life changing Sadhana’s and Kriya of Great masters and Guru’s and an introduction and insight into such dimensions.
  1. Why meditation and yoga is important in every one’s life a daily brief on the same.
  2. Meditation for a Healthy Mind, body, thought and emotion, and techniques of taking the reigns of Your thought and emotion into your hands.


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